Bean Stock

These tiny but mighty trailers under 3,500 pounds are altogether something different. All of them are going to stand out in any campground and offer unique design elements that absolutely make them worth considering. The top image is of the Bean Stock. This trailer is filled with unique features. Starting at the front, all Bean teardrops (there are four different models) come with a large platform in the center of which is a battery box and a receiver hitch to which you can mount a bike rack or other storage provisions. The large, flat surface can be used to stand on if you need to get to the roof or, more likely, to store things on like boxes or totes.

Each side of the trailer has a door and on the front curved wall, there is a cubby with contraptions on either side that have hooks for keys and such. The back of the interior is what makes this trailer stand out. Bean has four cabinet doors that open up to reveal rails into which hanging baskets can go. What’s so very cool about this is that you can load the trailer from the back and also access it from inside. Below those cabinets are two large drawers, so this little trailer has more cabinet and drawer space than some much larger trailers, and the cabinet space is accessible both inside and out. It’s absolutely brilliant. Starts at $25,000. 

Taxa TigerMoth

When a NASA engineer designs trailers, you get something different. Weighing in at 1,310 pounds, this RV, or “Habitat” as the company calls it, can sleep two. But more than that the structure is full of holes on purpose so you can strap nets, bungees, carabiners and other things to accommodate gear to your liking. There is also a platform on the front that can be both a step and can hold a 12-volt cooler. The kitchen is in a four-foot drawer at the back and you can legitimately sit inside this trailer on rainy days.

Large hatches at the rear and on the side offer access to the interior but can also be left open on those nights where the weather is perfect. If you wish to accommodate additional people, such as grandchildren, a roof-top tent is available, making the perfect fort and hideout for the littles. If you choose not to opt for the tent, you just have more capability for cargo. Starts at $17,400. 

TigerMoth is a great trailer under 3,500 pounds.


While many shoppers look at the weight of a trailer in the hopes that their vehicle can tow it, there’s no denying that the size of a trailer is what can really challenge smaller tow vehicles. That’s why we like things like the TrailManor 2518. It easily folds down to be no taller than your tow vehicle, which also means you can stow it in a garage. Opening these is surprisingly easy and can even be done in the rain.

Weighing in at about 2,500 pounds, these are light but expand to almost 22 feet in length when opened. All models in this series feature a king-sized bed on one end. The other end offers choices of a dinette, couch or simply another bed. The company does a good job using higher-grade materials. This feels almost like cheating! You tow a small trailer that offers the spaciousness of much larger models. Starts at $33,250. Prices vary.

TrailManor can be stored in a a garage and is well under 3,500 pounds!

Camp 365

This is such a different concept that it doesn’t really fit any mold, but it would fit in most garages. At about 1,500 pounds, it’s easily towed. The Camp 365 is a narrow pyramid when folded up, but the sides come down and form the floors, while other miracles of folding magic give it a roof and back wall. After only a bit of set up, you have a camper that offers almost 7 feet of headroom. It’s insulated with two layers of Aqualon. providing an air gap which undoubtedly also keeps some sounds out. You can get it with an outdoor shower, forced air furnace, air conditioning, bunks for up to six adults, a camp stove and more.

The mostly aluminum and Aqualon structure means no wood to rot. Another truly unique feature is that the axles are adjustable for width, so you could tow this to the edge of a forest, retract the axles down to 48 inches and literally tow it into the backcountry with an ATV. And it is pretty spacious. In bad weather, you could fold up the beds, bring the camp chairs in, crank up the heater and have game night inside. Starts at $20,000. 

The Camp 365 folds up for easy travel.

This article, written by Tony & Peggy Barthell, first appeared in the Summer 2023 issue of Girl Camper Magazine.

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