Need to know info for the off season

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

If you can’t move south for the winter with your RV, there are some steps you must do to maintain your unit. There are a lot of articles on what you need to know in preparing for the off season. I see no need to “reinvent the wheel” by writing a new one. I thought the one below was very informative. It is worth the read especially if this is your first winter season owning an RV. Gary Brink has written a comprehensive article on what to do to prepare your RV for winter. In fact he has written informative articles on a lot of important topics that every RVer should familiarize themselves with. This time of year, the one on RV Storage is most relevant. Do yourself a favor and read his article. It could save you money not just in maintenance but also in repairs.


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