In Episode 219 of the Girl Camper podcast, co-host Janine Pettit delves into her personal journey and decision to embrace seasonal camping. Despite her initial reservations, Janine reflects on her extensive solo travels and the joy of discovering newfound independence in the great outdoors. However, life transitions, including becoming a grandmother and downsizing her living space, prompted her to reassess her camping routine. With a desire to spend more time with her grandchildren and simplify her weekend getaways, Janine found herself drawn to the idea of seasonal camping.

Through heartfelt anecdotes and candid reflections, Janine shares the various reasons why seasonal camping resonated with her. From the convenience of having a vacation home without the hefty price tag to the opportunity for quality time with loved ones, Janine explores the multifaceted benefits of this lifestyle shift. She emphasizes the ease of use and flexibility that seasonal camping offers, particularly for individuals with busy schedules or teenagers with conflicting commitments.

Moreover, Janine discusses the practical aspects of seasonal camping, such as camper storage and the potential for creating a versatile bonus space for guests or remote work. As she navigates the process of selecting a new RV for her seasonal adventures, Janine invites listeners to join her on this exciting journey of exploration and transition.

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