Tire Care & storing

Hi Mark,  I’m getting ready to store my travel trailer on the grass in my side yard for the winter. My father in law says I should put it up on blocks so the tires keep their shape and don’t freeze. He said if I don’t do that, I could lower all four jacks and raise the RV off the ground a few inches to take the weight off the tires. I am not sure what to do. Is this a real thing?

Carol in North Carolina 

Not to change the topic, but a major problem with RV tires when stored outside is damage caused by the sun. To protect the tires, keep them covered with covers that block out the sunlight. Something else that damages tires is when the RV is stored on frozen ground or on surfaces like asphalt. To avoid this, place some type of blocking like Lynx Levelers or a piece of treated 2X wood between the ground and the tires. Make sure whatever you use is larger than the footprint of the tire. No portion of the tire should hang over the edge of the tire blocking. This can cause internal damage to the tire. I would not recommend using the jacks to raise the RV off of the ground. Read this article for more tips on maintaining your RV tires

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