From 2KrazyKampers (Joe and Rachel) comes a useful video on making your pop-up camper experience easier and happier. Pop-up campers can be an economical choice for many Girl Campers and they offer easy mobility in locations where larger trailers cannot go.

As you watch this video, you might decide not to use all 10 tips in exactly the same way they have, but the video might give you ideas about how to change things up using what you already have.

Be sure to watch the video to the end to see their brilliant and inexpensive hack for dealing with air conditioner condensation run off!

Watch the video – 10 Solid Tips!

Links related to some of the tips covered in the Video:

Use a high-quality cooler instead of the refrigerator that comes in most older pop-ups.

12 volt usb charger runs off your battery when you don’t have shore power.

Emergency blankets for reflective tent insulation (keep it cooler inside.

Cook outside. If your budget can afford it, Blackstone products are very popular.

The Coleman combo stove/grill is easier on the budget.

In the video they use a table that mounts on the side of the trailer. More stable and larger is the Tailgater Tire Table, recommended by Girl Camper, Catherine Goggia.

Have you seen these fish-cleaning tables good for washing dishes outside when you are camping and have a water source?!

You know, at Girl Camper, we are fans of Camco products! No matter what type of camping you do, it’s important to have a Camco water filter.

Camco leveling blocks

Berkey water filter

Bal tire leveler

Joe and Rachel did a good job with this video. Check out their videos on their YouTube channel.

Article written by Girl Camper Catherine Goggia.

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