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I first heard about Red Bud Suds from a post in the Girl Camper Facebook Group.  Someone had asked for recommendations for an environmentally friendly soap.  And while I do agree with one poster’s comment that no soap is 100% environmentally friendly because foreign elements are still being put into a water source or in the ground, Red Bud Suds comes very close.  So I reached out to the company and they very graciously sent me some samples to try.

Great For Camping

Red Bud’s 4 in 1 shower bars come in a variety of scents and smell amazing.  Their small size, combined with their loofa bag is perfect to take camping.  In fact I took on with me on the Girl Camper Grand Canyon trip where Girl Camper founder Janine Petit, Girl Camper Guide Bonnie Shafto and myself all tried out one of the shower bars for bathing and shampooing our hair in the very muddy and alkaline Colorado River.  I was impressed with the amount of shampoo lather I was able to achieve in some pretty nasty water. 

Bathing in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
Girl Camper 8 day float trip down the Grand Canyon

Thoughtfully Clean

I also love this company because they are woman owned and almost 100% woman operated.  Their shower bars have no preservatives, parabens, phthalates, or plastic packaging.  Instead of palm oil they use locally sourced lard.   And best of all…1% of every sale is donated to protect wild lands and watersheds.  As an advocate for “Leave No Trace”, I love this company.  Check them out!

To get your own 4 in 1 shower bars go to Red Bud Suds Website

Fellow Girl Camper Guide Teresa Willis also loves Red Bud Suds and has written a great article with videos about her testing of Red Bud Suds shower bars.  Check it out at

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