Common Camp Set Up Mistakes

Dec 3, 2021 | 0 comments

I can remember my first time setting up our Homebuilt Teardrop camper. I took my youngest son for a birthday weekend to Knoebels Campground in Elysburg, PA, just him and I. Follow along as we learn one of the common camp set-up mistakes. How embarrassing!

The first time getting camp set up by myself. I backed in fine, right along the cliff that goes 20 feet down to a creek at the bottom. I was so very proud of myself as my 5-year-old son sat in the passenger’s seat, surely proud of me too that I didn’t end up in the creek.

I got out, started unhooking and opening up then realized I failed to notice where my site’s electric hookup was.

Yes, you guessed it, my electric cord was way too short to make it to the port on the other side of my site. Time to hook back up and do all of it over again, all the while those already settled in were peering my way. How embarrassing!

My little boy and I had a wonderful time at Knoebels that weekend. We made memories that he still talks about today, including losing that trike down that 20-foot cliff that I spoke of earlier. It went straight into the creek below. We retrieved the trike but it took some effort. That is a story for another blog post at another time.

Note to self…. ALWAYS take a look at where the electric port is located at your campsite before backing into the camp spot! Avoid at least that one common camp set up mistake.

Here is a great article from GoRVing that shows some things that you shouldn’t forget when setting up camp.

My friends call me “Q” — Susan Landis, PA GirlCamper Guide


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