Frozen, Too… in Colorado

Dec 3, 2021 | 0 comments

by Shari Sullivan


Always wanted to see a real Ice Castle? No need to let that dream go… just take a drive up to Dillon, Colorado and visit the amazing ice castles there! “What’s an Ice Castle?” you might ask. Haven’t you seen the movie Frozen? These might not be located at the very top of a frozen mountain, and they aren’t guarded by an abominable snow monster but they are every bit as wonderful! Maybe you can build your own Olaf when you’re there!

Take a walk through tunnels of solid ice!

So what are they exactly? The Ice Castle is a frozen attraction located in the Colorado mountain town of Dillon Colorado. There are also Ice Castles in six cities across North America. The castles are built using hundreds of thousands of real icicles that are hand-placed by professional “ice artists” and result in a real-life Frozen experience. The castles include other features like spectacular LED-lit sculptures, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains and more. There are even frozen thrones that you can sit on in case you’ve ever wanted to pose for that award-winning photo of yourself as a real live “Ice Princess”!

Slide down solid ice!

Since these ice castles aren’t built on top of a frozen mountain, don’t wait too long to see them. It should stay cold enough for the castles to be there through February and into March. You can visit the castles seven days a week and tickets are available for pre-purchase and are advised. For more information or to plan your trip, visit them at:

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