Holiday Camping

Dec 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Who camps on a holiday weekend? We Girl Campers do!! Holiday camping is like giving a small gift to yourself.

Nowadays we all celebrate holidays in so many different ways. Sometimes we make plans not even realizing that that time slot we choose to go away would be a holiday. Some don’t celebrate at all, which is totally fine. 

Holiday table setting
We had fun curating this table setting at the thrift store for only $6 on the morning this happened. Last-minute plans always turn out to be the best!

When we Girl Campers camp on a holiday, we don’t lack for the celebration! We decorate according to the holiday or even if it isn’t a holiday we decorate like it is a celebration. We also enjoy all the peace and quiet out in nature while renewing our minds and bodies. God gives us so many colors up here in the northeast to enjoy why not celebrate it with friends in the outdoors.

Camping Holiday table setting
Pop-Up Celebration!
Holiday table with stream flowing beside
Serene view by the creek at Camp Taylor in Columbia, NJ.

Guess what? 

There’s no turkey to wake up early to dress, only you! 

There are no dishes to wash, we use paper!

There’s no prep on that day because we prepped before we left home! 

There are no people to please or clean up after!

You get to spend time with your girlfriends! And time alone!!

Girlfriends enjoying the holiday table

Yet, we still have a good time and do all the fun stuff while holiday camping!

Relaxing in front of warm heater in Rory
Relaxing by myself in my daughter’s pop-up named Rory. Time alone too is precious!

Try it someday. Camp on a holiday that you wouldn’t normally venture out. You’ll be so glad for the peace and calm you experience.

My friends call me “Q” — Susan L Landis, PA GirlCamper Guide


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