It all started with a Fish Lamp

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

You have your new camper, but you are out of ideas for fabric, color, theme, and just do not know where to start! Decorating choices can be simple by finding an item or color you love. It can be a collection, or something as simple as a pillow.

Mine was a fish lamp, I had it in the closet because the last time I plugged it in, it fizzled out with a few sparks flying.  This lamp had been a Wedding gift to my grandparents back in 1928, My grandma Grace use to keep in the attic bedroom, it was the night light for when the grandchildren were sleeping over. I dusted it off and brought it to a lamp shop for repair where they took it all apart and made it worthy again.

Then I went shopping in my house, yes in my house! I had heard shop from your house first and it is great advice. With the goldfish lamp working and looking good, I was thinking beachy. Next thing I knew I had my arms full of seashells, baskets to fit on shelves, mermaid sign, tea towels, a pillow and my house was a little decluttered! A little extra bonus.

After you have harvested all you can from your home pick 2 colors from your treasures and two more as accent colors, then go to a fabric store. At the store see what grabs you, look at pillows, trims and get some great ideas, look around with an open mind and you will spy something. 

In no time at all you will have your theme and all the ideas will pull together, uniquely yours and filling your camper with things you love.


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