Make It! Dog First Aid Kit

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A lot of us Girl Campers take our canine companions with us when we are camping or hiking, or even for a road trip. It’s always a good idea to be ready for the unexpected by having things that you can use to help your pup out if they need it. It might sound like it’s difficult, but a DIY Dog First Aid Kit is actually quite easy to assemble when you know what to put inside. Here are my furry hiking and camping buddies!

The Four Doods

Where do you start? First things first, find a small container for your first aid kit. If you’re a camper, you might want something a little larger, but if you’re a hiker you can get by with something small enough to take with you on your hikes. A small plastic shoe box with a lid that snaps on is perfect for stashing in your camper or for tucking under the seat of your car, while an old zipper cosmetic case will do for a hiking trip.

What do you put inside? Here’s a list of things that will help you take care of your best furry friend until you can take them to their veterinarian. Remember, emergency medical treatment for you pet is just that: in case of emergency! If your pet needs medical attention please take them to their vet as soon as it’s possible.

Items to include in your DIY Dog First Aid Kit:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Even the smallest wound needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent infection. So, always make sure to have Hydrogen Peroxide to use for sterilization, by flushing it on your dog wound, to prevent infection
  • Gauze – A staple that can be used to cover a scrape or a wound, but you can also use it if you need to muzzle your dog if they are nervous or too anxious. If your dog is hurt or in pain, they will be scared and may panic. This will prevent your furry friend from biting you.
  • Activated Charcoal – If your dog eats something poisonous, feeding him activated charcoal is the best thing to do until you can get him to the vet. It can be quite intimidating trying to help your dog throw up. Don’t forget the syringe! And remember, take your sweet pup to the vet ASAP!
  • Self Adherent Bandages – These are a must, but be sure to get the kind that are specifically for dogs because the human kind will pull their hair when removing. The self adherent kind are much easier to wrap a wound on a wiggly dog too! Remember scissors for cutting!
  • Antihistamine – This is a must if your dog gets stung by a bee or digs in an ant hill. Put some in a small zip lock bag, and be sure to include dosage information inside the bag too. You can ask your vet what they recommend for your pet so you’ll be prepared.
  • Aspirin – Yes! Aspirin is the safest non-prescription anti-inflammatory you can use on your dog. Be sure to consult with your vet on proper dosages for your dogs and have that information with the aspirin in your first aid kit.
  • Tweezers – It’s inevitable that at some point your dog might encounter a little hitchhiker in the form of a tick. You can find tick removing tweezers on Amazon that are inexpensive and you’ll be so glad you have them if your pooch picks up a tick.
  • Emergency Contact Information – List your Veterinarian’s contact information as well as the phone number for the Poison Control Center. There is always a chance that your dog may be bitten by a snake or another poisonous critter, so better to be prepared just in case!

As long as you’re assembling the items for your Dog First Aid Kit, you can make a small one for your backpack and a larger one for your camper or car. Just be sure that you label your containers and recheck often to make sure that things are replenished when needed. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but your best friend will be ever grateful that you have it!


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