No RV? No Available Cabins? Don’t let that stop you!

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

If don’t have an RV of your own and there are no cabins available, don’t let that stop you. Is the idea of tenting dissuading you from going on a trip? Are you hesitating about buying an RV or not finding the one you really want? Buying an RV is an expense you don’t want to rush into and since Covid, the dealers can’t keep them in stock. You may be missing out on a good portion of the camping season waiting for your unit. But there is a solution. If you don’t have an RV and cabins are unavailable, just rent one!

Advantages of Renting

There are definite advantages to renting before you buy. If you want to go camping but you don’t have an RV and the cabins are already booked – Rent. If you want to buy an RV and are not sure what you want, try renting one. A weekend in a rental will often open your eyes to what you like or dislike and guide you towards the RV of your dreams.

When I purchased my first motorhome I thought it was perfect; until my first weekend and was filled with regrets. The floorplan of the center bath caused a bottleneck inside even with the two slides out. The bathroom was so tiny it made it nearly unusable and the medicine closet stuck out over the tiny sink so far you could barely spit in it while brushing your teeth. The TV was positioned in a place where it was impossible to watch except from one side of the dinette! And worse of all, there were two separate valves for dumping black and gray water. All of these things went unnoticed or I thought were minor because I was so anxious to take advantage of a good deal.

It wasn’t long before I traded it in and got a better floorplan that was much roomier than the first and 3 feet shorter! No unit is perfect, but you don’t see what doesn’t work until after you use it. That is why renting is the best option. It helps you realize what you can or can not compromise on when you purchase your own. If I had the opportunity to rent my motorhome before I purchased it, I would have kept shopping around.

Just Do It – Rent It!

Don’t let the lack of an RV or unavailable cabin rentals stop you from joining your friends on a weekend of camping. There are lots of RV rental opportunities. I recommend Outdoorsy. You just need to decide where you want to be and they could find a unit for you to rent on the campground you like. No worries about towing or backing into a site because it will be there waiting for you! And if you go through this Girl Camper Outdoorsy link you will get the best possible price. You may save on gas, maintenance, the anxiety of towing, storage headaches etc. You may even decide in the end that you really don’t want to own at all!

So come with us on our next outing and join us around the campfire. You’ll be glad you did!

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