On today’s show I am sharing the results of my online survey asking Girl Campers for their favorite things they won’t camp without. There were so many things that I decided to just start with their favorite kitchen things. Whether you Camp Like a Girl with all the comforts of home or go with a simpler style you will probably find something here that you want to take with you.

Ice Maker – An indulgence for sure but one that I have learned to love. It’s great having ice on demand and not worrying about whether the campground is out of it. I know I will always have it for a cool drink. I have the Igloo version but there are lots out there varying in price from $89 to $150. I set mine up as soon as I arrive and fill it with jug water. As the ice is made I put it in zip lock bags and store it in the freezer. I always have enough to share!

YONGTONG Ice Maker, Countertop Automatic Portable Icemaker Machine, Producing 26Lbs(12Kg) per Day, with 2 Selectable Cube Sizes, with Easy-Touch Buttons, Stainless Steel, 2.2L(2.3QT) Capacity (Red)

Blackstone Grill – Everyone is talking about the Blackstone Grill and I have resisted this purchase so far but I see what the buzz is all about. These grills offer a lot of great options for outdoor enthusiasts and home BBQ enthusiasts. They come in many different sizes. You can adjust the temperature on different sides of the grill so you can have a lower temperature keeping food warm on one side while cooking something at a higher temperature on the other side. You can cook several different foods at one time so you can do pancakes, eggs and bacon all on one unit. Less pans to clean. You season them like a cast iron pan and like cast iron they get better with time. It has a grease collection system that makes cleaning up easy. I normally camp alone or in small groups but think this would be just the ticket for big Girl Camper events and parties at home. I like that it is available portable models and I could use it at home as well as the campground.

French Press Coffee Maker – So many people brought up the French Press. It’s great for boon docking and camping with hooks ups as well. A French Press allows you to make coffee to your taste and can be used to steep loose tea and herbs as well. They can be a bit of a pain to clean because you don’t want those coffee grounds going down the RV plumbing system but when making coffee for one or two it’s just the ticket. French Presses are always available at thrift shops too so you can give them a try without making a big investment.

Coffee Carafe – Those Grandma things that our mothers always used for company or to put the leftover coffee in on a Sunday morning are making a comeback with Girl Campers. I used one when I had my vintage trailer that did not have a hot water heater. I would heat up water in the morning for my French Press and then put the extra in the Urn to save for later when I wanted to have a cup of tea or an instant oatmeal. It was also handy to have to wash my hands in warm water or wash a few dishes. They are also always at thrift stores for a few bucks so you can see if you’d like it without busting the bank. Our Girl Camper friend, Yvonne Artis from Texas bought one and customized it to match her trailer by coloring over the 1990’s pattern with permanent Magic Markers!! Brilliant!Image result for 1980's coffee carafe

Clever Dripper Coffee Maker This is a great way to “brew” coffee in a drip system. This is a mug top funnel that you add a filter to and the amount of coffee grounds that you like to get the depth of flavor you like. The difference between this drip system and others is that the holes in the bottom of the funnel are small and that allows the water to steep the grounds longer. I have a Melita that the water runs through so quickly that I put it through twice to get a strong enough cup of coffee out of it. The clean up with these is a lot better than the French Press to because you just gather the ends of the filter and throw it and the grounds away and then just rinse the funnel. Costs about $25.

Clever Coffee Dripper With Bonus Filters Included (Clear)

Electric water kettle – A big favorite with Girl Campers is the electric water kettle. If you are camping in a vintage trailer without all of the upgrades or are a dedicated tent camper this is a great tool to have around. When I am rustic camping and using a shower bag at a state park I love not relying on catching the temps at just the right time for a warm shower. I fill my shower bag about 1/3 full with hot water and top it off with cold until it’s just right for a shower. It’s also great for filling a hot water bottle, washing dishes in warm water and making coffee in a French Press. Even if you have a camper with all the bells and whistles this is a great way to boil water quickly and not use your propane heating up water the slow way. Lots of the Girl Campers love this model made by Smeg, a European company that makes beautiful retro styled appliances. They make a great toaster too!! Kind of pricey but special. I’ve got a $20 one from Amazon. Does the trick but not nearly as pretty!!

Smeg Variable Electric Kettle KFL04 PGUS

Jet Boil made the list with our tent campers who love it for it’s quick boil feature. These are perfect for hikers and tent campers and work on a butane fuel source. You can get several different attachments to use with the butane fuel pack but a favorite is the Jet Boil Flash Cooking one available from REI for about $75. It’s the fastest way to get boiling water quickly that saves you fuel which for hikers is second only to a good pair of hiking boots. 

Instant Pot – This is another favorite item that so many Girl Campers use and I to date have not taken the bait on. It’s a programmable pressure cooker that does A LOT of stuff!! It cooks 70% faster than traditional methods. It works as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, ricer, cake maker, yogurt maker. It saute’s, sears and steams. You can also use it to warm food and sterilize things. They range in price from $65 to $130.

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer


Three in one Kitchen – This is another of those Girl Camper favorites I have been seeing for years and can’t believe I haven’t succumbed to purchasing. These are made by the Nostalgia company that makes lots of fun stuff! There’s A LOT of bang for your buck in this item. It’s a toaster oven with a griddle on top and a mini coffee pot on the side. What I love about these is that they take up less space in your RV than trying to store three separate items; they look great on a counter top; they have a sweet retro style; they come in a few different colors so you can match your decor to them and they just are just so cute!! They also cost about $65 which I think is a bargain!

Silwy Magnetic Glassware – This is a very clever idea for marine and RV enthusiasts from Germany. The CEO of this German glassware company also happen to like caravanning as they say in Europe. He also likes to eat off real plates and drink out of real glasses. He was looking for a way to store and transport his glassware without worrying about it being broken. He created a set of glassware with magnets manufactured into the base. They sit on a magnetic matt (can be cut to size) on the floor of the kitchen cabinet and it keeps them from moving around. There are several options for glasses and magnets but my favorite is the magnetic bar which can be hung from the bottom of the kitchen cabinet with the glassware easy to retrieve when you go to make a drink. This metal bar though is so much prettier than the kitchen knife magnet bar that many people use in RV’s. The magnet is very strong and it could be installed to use in the bed area to store remote controls or with the addition of a little metal basket your reading glasses or phone. You could also install it with metal baskets in the bathroom to hold toothpaste and brushes, razors, lotions or any item you use daily. It could be put on a wall for often used items like car keys and lighters. The glassware is really beautifully made and I was so impressed with the quality of these items. Like the Smeg kettle you get what you pay for so if you are a person who appreciates craftsmanship and buys things once and uses them for decades you will love the Silwy magnetic glassware. They have kindly offered Girl Campers a coupon code for a 10% discount. Use the code: Girlcamper

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