On this week’s show I interview friends, travel companions and business partners Kelly Beasley and Marshall Wendler. Their paths crossing turned into a grand blessing for the RV world. Kelly is full of chutzpah and courage and made her dream of full time RVing a reality. Once in that world she met a “technical nerd” named Marshall Wendler. Marshall possessed all the qualities us non techies love in techno nerds, starting with a passion for research and an ability to simplify things that seem complicated to the technically challenged. When Kelly was new to RVing  she kept researching RV related topics looking for solutions to problems, recommendations for equipment and ways to improve the experience. More often than not she found the answers in her friend Marshall’s vast knowledge. They combined their skill sets and developed Camp Addict, a comprehensive site for all RVers, not just newcomers and not just full timers.

They have over a dozen years of combined RVing experience yet, they are still learning. On this week’s show they share a scary incident that could have ended very badly. Limbs – okay, maybe just digits, were in serious peril. The scare taught them some new lessons and I love that they are not afraid to tell a story that some RVers may have wanted to keep to themselves.

They also shared the realities of full timing. It’s not really a solo adventure for them, but more like a traveling troupe of like minded, good willed people who share an unconventional but, full and happy life. They have a lot to teach us and I really enjoyed meeting them and getting a peek into their lives on the road. To listen, click the link at the bottom of the page.


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