by Janine Pettit

I’ve been diving into Keystone fifth wheels looking for the perfect model to park at a seasonal site and head out to for mid-week breaks from my home office, family weekends with my children and grandbabies and girlfriend and girl camper getaways that don’t involve hitching, unhitching, leveling and repeating three days later. When I told the team at Keystone that I just want to put down some RV roots for a while they offered to lease me a model and get my thoughts on going big. I have looked at five models so far ranging from the Avalanche two bedroom model to the Bullet 330 BKQ on the more affordable side. 

As a former Hideout owner, I could not skip a look at the affordable but incredibly practical and spacious Hideout TQS. The Hideout brand is designed for entry level RVers who want to enjoy all the perks of camping while keeping their investment down. This beautiful RV has all the bells and whistles that the big boys have with the exception of a door on the bunkhouse. What the bunkhouse lacks in privacy it gives back in practicality. The beds are queen sized with built in ladders to access them. They each have their own windows, lights and plugs for user comfort. The floor beneath these bunks is the winner here though. It is wide open, and I can imagine organizing each family member’s belongings the way my mom did in our old pop up in the 1970’s – individual plastic laundry baskets that easily slide in and out beneath the bed. Even if you had six beneath this bed you would have room left over. 

In addition to the great bunks in this unit it has a three seat sofa with the option of a tri fold sofa or theatre seating, a dinette that becomes another bed and another queen in the primary bedroom. It’s really big appeal though is the price point. Getting started as a seasonal camper with the Hideout 32TQS is really affordable.

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