I like to look at January as the season of rest. The holiday festivities are behind us and most of us have indulged a bit too much. I say rest,  but it never lasts long with me because resting means time to meditate on new ideas and plan, plan, plan. So, while I will be coming down from the holidays toasting my toes by a cozy fire, I will also have a notebook on my lap where I will be planning trips, meals, and the people I want to visit this coming spring. I plan to recharge during this season of winter beauty and hit the ground running when the warm weather hits. 

One of the things I have been planning for a long time is the return of the Girl Camper Podcast. We are back and I have a co-host this time. The super-talented Lesa McDermott, Girl Camper extraordinaire and VP of Girl Camper, will be sharing the duties behind the microphone allowing us to tell lots of stories and interview many interesting people who hopefully inspire you to get outside and go on an adventure. Our podcast will return to its old time slot of Tuesday mornings. 

We also have lots of new Girl Camper Guides we want you to meet, events we hope to see you at and online communities just waiting to help answer your questions on how to get started camping like a girl. 

And yes, let’s remember Girl Camper Magazine! Our team has been hard at work, curating content that will both educate and entertain you. Expect to find articles on camping hacks, gear reviews, and inspiring travel tales to stoke your enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

On behalf of the entire Girl Camper team, I want to thank you for being a part of our remarkable community. Your passion and enthusiasm are what make Girl Camper so special, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together in the coming year.

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