I bought DealiaJo about 14 years ago. I found her on eBay. At the time I was taking care of my mother who had stage four cancer and I guess I was just looking fo a happy place. I ended up getting the cute little 1963 Shasta Compact even though I wasn’t even the top bidder. I knew it was meant to be. She sat in my driveway and provided comfort through those dark days. Just the smell of the birch wood brought back memories of happier days when I would go camp with my grandparents.

I always had in my head what she someday would be. A little fishing cottage full of vintage finds and beautiful linens and quilts. But it wasn’t until I joined a girl camping clan about seven years ago that I decided to make that dream a reality. I found a local sign painter and and told him about my dream. He made that dream come true. Is is cuter than a button and I love her like a puppy. Where would I be with out that little trailer or the life long friends I have met along the way. She truly is my happy place.

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