One of the thrills of grandparenting is sharing what you love with your grandchildren. I have long imagined the day when I could tote a grandbaby along on a camping trip and watch the delight in their eyes as they take in all the new surroundings. I have dreamed of tad pole filled creeks, turning over moss covered rocks to discover what lives beneath, hikes to grand summits, lunches in soft meadows and nights by crackling fires. My dreams came true in March of 2022 when sweet Marie entered our world and her adventurous parents said yes to her first campout in October. Although not old enough for hiking or toe dipping in mysterious waters, I was so surprised at the wonder she exhibited in the nature surrounding her.

New Camper

She’s a suburban apartment kid without a backyard so all the sights and sounds were so new to her. There was a lot of looking up at swaying and rustling trees. I saw a budding adventurer crawling across the camp mats picking at sticks and leaves and discovering things. Isn’t this why we take our kids outdoors/ We had so much fun camping as a multi generation family that I decided to upgrade my beloved Hideout for a bunk model. The bunks will allow each of us to have our own dedicated bed and a good night’s sleep means a good next day. I can’t wait for the 2023 camping season and all the memories waiting to be made.

Click here to read how Janine makes sure her granddaughter is comfortable at the campground!

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