How do you spend your alone time at camp? You may be camping by yourself, or in a group before the fun of the day has begun, or the day is nearing an end and you are spending some alone time. 

Do you watch television or a DVD that you brought along specifically to enjoy during this down time?

Do you knit, crochet, macrame, embroider, tat, or any other of those beautiful arts that I’ve never had the patience to even attempt? Maybe you pack up your paints and easel, and do some painting?

Do you do crossword, sudoko, word find, or some other mind-strengthening puzzles?  

Do you clear the table and pull out a deck of cards for solitaire? I used to do that a lot; I wonder why I stopped?  

Maybe you bring coloring books and crayons or colored pencils. That is a relaxing activity for sure! 

Do you cook, or maybe bake?  I know people who would rather cook than do almost anything else. I’m not much of a cook and prefer not to do any more than necessary (thus my love for potlucks), but I do like to bake and it makes the camper smell good. But with such limited counter space, I have to be really prepared for that sort of activity. 

Do you listen to music, or podcasts? Or do you prefer silence? I tend to want quiet time, some silence to counter-act all the fun and excitement I’ve been part of with the group. And since we opted for no television in Curby, movies are out unless I watch on the MacBook or iPad.  

I don’t really have the patience for most word puzzles, and certainly not to develop a talent for a hand-craft. I do have a sudoku app on my phone, but for whatever reason I haven’t played lately. When I’m at home I spend a fair amount of time at the jigsaw table. However, even though my table is supposed to be mobile, I just don’t trust that to provide a good camping activity.  

Sometimes I get a good idea for a blog post so I’ll open the laptop and sketch out some ideas. Sometimes I finish a whole post; other times I write seven words and realize it’s not much of a topic after all.  

I read. A lot. Both at home and at camp, if I have alone time, I love to open my Kindle and immerse myself in a good mystery or fantasy (traditional or urban). I’ve talked about my love to read previously and how the stories of girl camper Frannie Shoemaker are some of my favorites. So when I need to decompress, I simply sit with a cup of hot coffee or a cup of cold water, and maybe a snack at hand, and immerse myself in a good story.  

Well, and I nap. 

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