25 Jul

Girl Camper: Episode 94 Van Camping with Laureen Vinacombe

On this week’s show my guest is Laureen Vinicombe, Girl Camper! Laureen wanted to be a Girl Camper but was not in a position to buy a travel trailer. She took to heart my advice to not let the lack of a trailer prevent her from joining the fun. Laureen tricked out her family mini van and joined us on her first camping trip this past spring.

Laureen made a trip to Cabela’s to get a cot for the interior of her minivan.

At the beginning of the year I said that I would be talking about how to overcome the obstacles to becoming a girl camper. One mental obstacle is the idea that camping is about owning a trailer. If you want to camp you can do it in a tent, rented cabin or tricked out minivan. The allure of girl camping is the time spent with friends, being outdoors, gaining confidence in your ability to do things. Laureen had so much fun she joined sisters on the Fly and has been camping line a girl ever since. Listen in as Laureen shares her journey.









18 Jul

Girl Camper: Episode 93 Route 66 Dealership Benefits with Lynn Butler

On this week’s show Lynn Butler,  owner of Setzer’s World of Camping in Huntington, West Virginia talks about the advantages of buying from an RV dealership with membership in the Rte.66 Club.

When I am home from Yellowstone I will post pictures but I’m working on one bar of 3G!

11 Jul

Girl Camper: Episode 92 The Little Guy Max

On today’s show Joe Kicos, co-owner of Liberty Outdoors,  talks about the new Max trailer. The Max is a new product by Little Guy, a brand within Liberty Outdoors.

Every detail was so well thought out on this trailer. Here the lighted entry handle and step can be seen at night.

It is the trailer I debuted here yesterday and that I am traveling in on my National Parks Tour. Also joining us on the show is Anthony Chiera, Director of Sales  for Liberty to talk about the details of this trailer. Anthony has watched this trailer go from drawing board to reality and he takes us through the features step by step.

I was so happy to discover this divider tray in the silverware drawer. I have had to come up with some pretty creative solutions to maximize the space available in some of my past trailers.

The cabinetry is all solid wood with quality hardware but most importantly, it is plentiful! I packed the trailer for two people for a four week trip and didn’t need to use the available space underneath the booth seats.

When the stove is not in use a glass cover that doubles as a cutting surface conceals it and allows for more food prep space.

I love the added storage shelf over the refrigerator. I am storing my campfire lap robes there.

The awning has built in LED lighting and is a standard feature.

The Max trailer is performing well so far and I have only one complaint – the people knocking on my door at each campground asking for a brochure!

10 Jul

Introducing Max by Little Guy

I have been promising and here it is – Max by Little Guy, a Liberty Outdoors brand. Little Guy trailers has long been a sponsor of the Girl Camper Podcast so when they asked me to road test their new “Max” trailer on my four week National Parks Tour I didn’t hesitate. I had been getting regular factory updates on the progress of Max along the way but when I drove to the factory to get him I was immediately impressed by the quality of workmanship and thoughtful design that went into this maxed out teardrop.

i love the profile of this trailer and I have already pulled it a thousand miles and can report that it tows like a dream.


The brightness and airflow in this trailer drew me right in. Wherever you stand there is a view!


Since I work on the road I love that when I am stuck working I have this sweet view as well as a USB in every plug!


This is the most storage I have ever had in a trailer. All of the cabinets are hardwood, custom made with dovetailed construction. I have the trailer packed for a four week trip and didn’t even put anything under the booth seats.

The neutral color pallette makes this trailer a blank canvas for anyway you want to go with the design. I chose simple and contemplative which suits this soothing space. The depth of the kitchen sink was a great bonus!

I love the beehive door and the sliding screen that pulls across it and then hides when not in use. There is a air and a view from wherever I am working.

Every window in the trailer is as large as they could make it and contains a pull down screen for when the window is open and a pull up shade when you want privacy. At night I have been leaving the windows open a few inches and drawing the screen 2/3 of the way up and the screen 1/3 of the way down for air and privacy!

This bright front window with the two large side windows that all open and create airflow and a great view is a feature reminiscent of the old school trailers where all the windows opened up front. This booth folds down and makes a comfortable single bed.

I keep referring to this as the “wall unit” in the Master Bedroom. I am looking forward to the option of watching a movie on a rain day or in the evening. The built in DVD player and surround sound controls are on a panel near the door. The DVD player will operate on either the Master Bedroom television or the one at the front booth that is hidden under a retractable door.

The bathroom is a large wet bath with room to move around. It also features a higher profile commode than the normal style.


I have been traveling for nearly a week in this trailer and am so impressed with not only the quality of the construction but with the thought that went into the design. I see a lot of trailers at RV shows, industry events and on Girl Camping trips. There are good companies out there making high quality trailers.  When I am at the big RV shows where all the new trailers are being displayed I often view them and think,  “Why didn’t they make this window operable? Why is there so little storage? Why is there not a place to hang coats and store food?” What impresses me the most so far in this trailer is that it is well built and well designed. Apparently that is not too much to ask for.I will be blogging about this trailer on my own site and the Little Guy site as well as posting my trip on Instagram. Follow along as I road test what so far has been a pleasure of a trailer.

04 Jul

Girl Camper: Episode 91 Trip Planning Part Two

On this week’s episode I continue with Part Two of my Trip Planning Show. A road trip of any length requires planning but a 5,500 mile, 4 week trip really takes some forethought. I am sharing what safety measures I am taking from roadside assistance programs to filling prescriptions and even what bear spray I purchased.

This is a product I hope I never need but being prepared for all situations is always a good idea.

Part of the fun of long road trips is experiencing many different ways of camping and I cover the variety of camping options we plan to use  from Harvest Hosts to State Parks to Bureau of Land Management properties. The Allstays app is a great resource for campers.

The All Stays App allows you to find camp sites from State and County Parks to Bureau of Land Management sites.

I’m covering my gear choices including the hiking sneakers I chose from Cabela’s and my new outdoor pants from Duluth Trading Company.

Duluth Trading Company – not just catalog!

To hear the rest of the Trip Planning episode click on the arrow below,