Demetrias Brown, a Girl Camper based in Maryland, tells us about her 1968 Serro Scotty Sportsman, Tonga and describes her camp style.

When and where did you purchase your Scotty?

I purchased it in March 2016. It was listed for sale in the Tin Can Tourists Facebook group. The camper was located in North Carolina.   

Describe your camper style.

My style is simple elegance with a touch of glam. I wanted a small camper that would be easy to tow and maintain. The lights, fan and water pump run off solar power. The refrigerator and outlets require electricity, but I use a Jackery as a power source when boondocking. My camper fits in the garage, so I can use it all year long. Sometimes, I will turn on the fireplace heater, read a book or watch a movie there during the winter months. It is a cozy space with a bathroom. She is tiny, but has everything I need.  

Why did you pick this style?

I named the trailer, Genny Jean, after my grandma and mom. My grandma was a very stylish woman. She loved dressing up and wearing fancy hats. I styled the camper with her in mind, adding bling and a chandelier. The flirty fuchsia paint is the same color as the jacket my grandma wore during her last visit to my home. Every time I am in the camper, I think of grandma and smile. It is one of my happy places. 

RV bling is a nod to Demetria’s grandma in her Scotty Sportsman.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud that I did not give up and I completed the renovation project. A lot of tears, sweat and hard work went into making her roadworthy. It actually took six years due to setbacks and challenges. In the end, it was worth it. She is beautiful. The icing on the cake was winning the People’s Choice Award at the 103rd Tin Can Tourists Winter Convention in 2022 and Best in Show at Audrey’s Jingle in July 2023. 

What was hard to do and/or find?

It was naïve of me to think renovating a vintage trailer would be easy. Once I realized I was in over my head, it was hard to find a skilled restorer to rebuild the camper. The first and second contractors did not work out. They say the third time is the charm, which proved to be correct for me. The biggest challenge was getting the camper from Virginia to Pennsylvania. Shipping it was not cost effective. So, I rented a 26-foot U-Haul, built up a ramp and loaded Genny Jean onto the truck. It took a lot of ingenuity and manpower, but we got it done. 

This tiny “fireplace” keeps it cozy in winter.

Where do you shop for items for your camper?

I shop online and at a variety of brick-and-mortar shops, Vintage Trailer Supply, Ebay, Etsy and several other stores. A few vintage items were gifted to me at various rallies I attended. For added outdoor space, I had two custom awnings made by Pink Flamingo Awnings. They provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.  

What else would you like us to know about you?

As a child, I dreamed of traveling the world and visiting all 50 states. I am happy to say that I reached my goal of seeing all 50 states a few years ago. I often say adventure is my middle name. I like to meet new people, explore different places and do exciting things. Having Genny Jean allows me to take my home on wheels along on fun road trips. I do not have to worry about booking a hotel. I utilize campgrounds, Harvest Hosts, Hip Camp and even curbs or driveways of people in my camping groups. That has been a blessing. I look forward to having more memorable experiences with her in the future. I have not been everywhere, but it is on my list.  

Genny Jean in the center.

Demetrias is an entrepreneur, notary and multitalented photographer who loves to garden and travel the world. You can follow her adventures on YouTube @auntmimisplace and on Instagram @gennyjeanthevintagescotty. 

This article first appeared in the Winter 2023/24 issue of Girl Camper Magazine.

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