Many of us have to put away our RVs for the winter and I like to use this time wisely to organize my RV. Starting my camping season with a freshly stocked and organized interior space is such a good feeling. I have a few things I like to do.

Take Stock

First step to organize your RV should be to do a gear inventory. An annual inventory of your gear helps you travel light, be prepared and make sure your equipment is functional. This is a good time to replace things that are no longer useable, donate things you really aren’t using and repair things that need a little TLC to last a bit longer. Also, do an RV purge, as RV cabinets can fill up quickly with cute things people give us and impulsive purchases that seemed like a good idea at the time. That all adds physical and psychological weight to your travels. Pull it out and ask yourself if you are using it enough to warrant hauling it around. It’s good to lighten up. 

Take time to organize your RV in down time.

Splurge & Resupply

Budget for a splurge item. What have you been wanting for your travels? An icemaker? A portable fridge? A top-of-the-line arctic sleeping bag? You’ve got a few months to say no to smaller things and those savings can be used for a coveted big-ticket item. Resupply your essentials. Band-Aids, handwarmers, batteries and even twinkle lights for the glampers run out. Check out your stash and make a list of what is needed. Pick up the items as you go along and have them ready for spring.

Modify & Repair

Make a modification that you’ve been wanting to do. What’s that thing you’ve been wanting to do to make your RV or tent set up that much nicer? Winter is a good time to build that little bench, modify that kitchen cabinet or replace the cabinet handles. A spit and shine always feels good! Repair the little things that you can. Just like houses, our RVs can start to look a little shabby. Touch up the paint, tack down the loose trim and tighten up the faucets. Before you know it, you’ll be hitting the road again and your spring clean will already be done. 

This article, written by Janine Pettit, first appeared in the Winter 2023/24 issue of Girl Camper Magazine.

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