Adjusting to bumps in the road

Dec 8, 2021 | 2 comments

Do you become anxious and stressed when preparing for your next camping adventure? I surely do. I am always so excited to be where I am headed that I forget to take pleasure in the planning. You could be anxious because you made a commitment to yourself to leave by a certain time, and things keep delaying you. I got upset because I asked my husband to make something for my camper and instead, he found a cooler thing to make and surprise me. How rude of me!

There are many things that you could fret about when camping. You could fret about the fact that on your camper’s maiden voyage, the bottom fell out of your cabinet because you put too many heavy items in it. You could be unhappy because your first stop at an alpaca farm had an overabundance of flies. Who would have thought?

You could stress because a massive thunderstorm is heading your way, and you could panic because your camper is now sitting in a dirt field of 3 inches of water.

But morning brings a new day with sunshine, cute alpacas wanting to be fed, a field free of water and no mud (sand drains slowly, but it does drain), and cooler weather. Plus, now that you think about it, that was a fantastic lightning display last night. Thank you, God.

Sharon Cutbirth |Girl Camper Guide

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  1. Cherie Large-Plasencia

    Hi, my name is Cherie and I’ve been tent camping many times, also backpacking. I’ve been a passenger with others in their RV and I have always wanted to travel like this. I’ve been researching what kind of rv I need (for about 2 years) when I came across Jeanine Petite’s youtube video and she gave out the link for this. I’m thrilled to be able to join and soak up all the information and advice you all have to give.

  2. Sandy

    Real new at wanting to do this, like never have. Looking at purchasing a little guy max.

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