Decorating Dilemma

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

I have had many hobbies through the years. Scrapbooking was one of my favorites! I enjoyed looking back through hundreds of pictures searching for the perfect one to be the record of time for my kids. I documented everything and then created beautiful books marking their firsts, family, and milestones as infants. Scrapbooking was something I did just for me, but others benefitted as well.

My next long-time hobby was cookie decorating. I loved to make the beautifully decorated iced sugar cookies for my kids’ parties, school event, friends, and family. I eventually turned my love for cookie decorating into a small business. I have spent the last 4 years baking for others and even have a small space in my home dedicated to storage and classroom space to teach my craft. I have personally trained 4 cookie artists and have taught retreats and weekend convention classes to countless women and young girls.

Enter my growing love of girl camping. The time I once spent planning, crafting, creating, and decorating has taken a back seat to my most recent hobby, girl camping. I have trouble reconciling my passions and finding time to work on everything I dearly love. Scrapbooking has been pushed out by the digital picture age and the ease of digital picture books. I still have boxes of supplies I can’t seem to let go of. I figure they will make my future grandchildren extremely happy with fancy paper andM stickers to play with several years from now.

My cookie decorating hasn’t quite reached the nonexistent level my scrapbooking has, but as my love for adventure grows, my time for cooking and decorating dwindles. I no longer bake for others (aside from close family and friends) but I do intend on continuing my classes to teach my craft. It really is great fun and I enjoy the social aspect of getting together with others who have the desire to learn.

Just this past week I managed to combine my love for camping with decorating. I prebaked my cookies and packaged all of my icing. During a bit of bad weather, I spent some time decorating a few cookies to share. I decided it was actually a bit less stressful having completed the prep work prior to leaving home, but my volume amounted to less than a dozen finished cookies.

The dilemma is the same for many of you, I imagine. We have decades of practice doing various things we love that usually have a noted time and place in our lives. My computer has replaced my paper scrapbooking and is easy to pack in a camper. My cookies take a little more effort, but I look forward to sharing them on the road with lovely ladies along my journey. Girl Campers are problem solvers and figuring out a way to combine two things we enjoy can be a challenge but so worth the effort to continue doing what we love.

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