DuraPack Solar Portable Power Pack

Jan 7, 2022 | 0 comments

I just love new toys! I am so happy I found this under my tree this year (yes, I peeked early!). A portable power pack is something everyone can use and Go Power! does a great job of keeping this one compact with a secure closure.

I like the idea of having this for camping or just for a day hike. You simply fold it out and it recharges. Look Mom, no batteries!

Last winter, when I was camping in Texas during the Ice Blizzard for eight days, I had no electricity. I really could have used this then! The DuraPack Solar will charge a phone, a Kindle or an iPad and it can charge two devices at once, having two ports.

You can fold it out anywhere in the sun to charge, even on your backpack as you hike, with its handy hook. It also doubles as a flashlight or SOS light. I will be keeping this in my truck in case of emergencies this winter.

Make sure to put this on your wish list for the holidays.

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