Girl Camper Refund Policy

Nov 1, 2022 | 0 comments

It is the company wide policy of Girl Camper to issue a refund for any cancellations prior to thirty days before a scheduled event. The hostess may deduct a $10 fee to recoup fees paid for processing the refund. 

If someone cancels within the 30-day window and the spot is filled by someone else, the hostess will issue a full refund minus a $10 fee for her efforts to replace the guest and to cover any fees incurred for issuing a refund. 

If the cancellation takes place within the 30 days prior to the event and no guest is found to fill the spot, the hostess will reimburse the guest minus the actual costs she has incurred for the event plus $10. Those actual costs include swag, name tags, food costs per person, portion of any rentals and any prizes or outerwear purchased for the event. We’re grateful for every Girl Camper who joins us around the campfire and want you to know that you are a valued member of our community.


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