Must haves for your furry adventure buddies

Dec 6, 2021 | 0 comments

What a better way to enter camping season than with 2 new pups !

Meet Alaska and Maine , my new adventure buddies. I have learned so much in the past month of owning these two and would love to share some really helpful items I have found while camping and adventuring with these girls.

1.) Flip Water Bottle

This thing has been a life saver on hikes ! Open the bottle and flip down the tray for an easy to go water bowl

2.) Clip on collapsible food/ water bowl

Another awesome find for super cheap, Easy to clip onto your bag , pants , or put in your pocket.

3.) Pet First Aid Kit

I thought I would never have to use this , but with two crazy puppies I was fooled. This bag comes with some great first aid supplies. I now carry one of these in every vehicle I own.

4.) Fold up Travel Bed

A super compact yet cozy place to rest for your adventure pups. We have done some pretty long hikes and this has been a perfect accessory to carry along in my hiking bag when the pups need a break.

5.) Rinse Kit

My pups have managed to find every possible way to get dirty on our trips, and nothing is worse then getting back in the camper covered in mud.

I leave this little rinse kit pod right by my front van door for when its time for a quick rinse. The best part is , you can use it for yourself too !

I plan on sharing many of our adventures along with items and tips I have found helpful along the way , hopefully these can be helpful to you as well !

Happy Trails !


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