RV Pro Tips – Tire Age Truths and Misconceptions

Dec 5, 2021 | 0 comments

NTSB Tire Replacement Recommendation

Did you know that the National Transportation Safety Board and even some tire manufacturers recommend that all tires older than six (6) years should be replaced, regardless of their condition?  Truth!  Even tires with the nice thick tread and no sidewall deterioration should be replaced after six years.

Knowing your tires age without a doubt

How do you know the exact age of your tires?  There is a DOT date on the tire sidewall that states the week/year the tire was manufactured like in the photo below that says “4019.”

Also, if you are in the market for a new travel trailer or motorized coach, make a mental note:  just because an RV owner said they replaced the tires within the last year does not mean that the tires weren’t sitting on a shelf in some warehouse for an additional year (or more) prior to purchase!

Is low mileage on my tires always a good thing?

Another common tire misconception in the RV world is that a coach or trailer with low mileage is always a good thing when it comes to wear and tear on the tires.  However, tires that sit and sit, or tires that are exposed to extreme weather and temperatures, can wreak as much or more havoc than excessive mileage.  Cover your tires when in storage to slow Mother Nature’s roll.

And always, I mean always, check your tire pressure before each trip and before heading home!

If you are in question about your tires, contact a Certified Tire Specialist before your next trip!

Article written by Brenda Puckett


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