The Best Part of Camping 

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When camping, many of us have a favorite ritual.  It could be sitting by the glowing campfire and enjoying the crackling sounds of wood burning at the end of a great day.  That’s a very soothing sound.  Or it could be the activities around the camp, enjoying time with your family or friends.  For me, it’s waking up early in the morning and enjoying that first cup of coffee, sitting back and watching the dawn rising.  Awww!  That first cup of hot, liquid happiness!

French Press

Whether your first cup of happiness is coffee or tea, when I am solo camping, I enjoy the making my coffee by using a French Press.  Boiling the water and putting my freshly ground beans in the glass carafe and pouring piping hot water over the coffee, I can smell the start of the day.  Waiting for the coffee to steep, is the longest few minutes of my life.


When my husband, Bob, decides to join me on a camping expedition, I use a percolator to brew the coffee that we both enjoy.  The sound of the water perking in the pot, always seems to keep in rhythm with the morning songs of the birds in their anticipation of getting their day started too.  You know the saying, “the early bird gets the worm!”

Liquid Happiness Later 

When I make coffee or tea in the morning, I will sometimes make an extra pot or carafe, let it cool, and pop it in my refrigerator.  When I am feeling the need for an afternoon pick-me-up, grabbing ice and pouring coffee over it makes a nice, refreshing drink.  If I have some, I’ll add a splash of a flavored syrup cream.  Mmmmmm!  

Whether your morning drink is coffee or tea, or cold glass of water, it’s all part of your ritual when camping.  What’s your best part of camping?  Let me know in the comment section, I’d love to read them.   

Mary Byrnes | Girl Camper Guide to Nebraska

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