Towing Life is Easier with Aftermarket Fuel Tanks

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In 2012 when I was hired as a consultant to assist Transflow Flow, Inc. in the writing of their sales training manual, I did not know the positive impact this company and group of people would have on my personal and professional lives. I ended up working with them for seven years.

PRODUCT: What is an aftermarket fuel tank? You can have your stock fuel tank removed and replace it with a larger fuel tank. And/or, you can have a fuel tank installed in the bed of your pickup. Pickup options include auxiliary tanks that pump fuel directly to your main tank, refuelers that have their own fueling nozzle so you can put more fuel in your pickup, generator, atv, or other vehicles, or toolbox/tank combinations.

Banner image captured from the Transfer Flow Home Page 7-20-2020

WHY I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT: I don’t like pulling off the freeway into fuel stations when I’m towing. It burns a lot of time, and can also be a huge hassle, depending on how congested the fuel station is. When I learned I could install a 40 gallon refueler in the bed of my Dodge Dakota, I knew it would make my towing life easier. I can pull into a rest area for a break for me and my dog, fill my truck fuel tank, and be on our way. Once set up at the campground, I take my pickup (without the trailer) to the fuel station and fill both the main tank and my refueler again. With this, I’m ready for the ride home.

Here’s a video about my tank install:

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Established in 1983 by Bill Gaines, the Transfer Flow manufacturing plant in Chico, California is known throughout the country. People with travel trailer drive hundreds of miles across the country to have their tanks installed at the factory, even though there are installers throughout the United States and Canada. Here they can tour the factory while their fuel tank is being installed. I have the privilege of knowing Bill Gaines, and he is a quality human being. Completely driven toward results, even in retirement he works constantly to increase the availability of manufacturing skills training in each level of the public education system.

You can purchase plastic aftermarket fuels tanks, but I recommend you stick with Transfer Flow. The plastic tanks aren’t made with the same plastic molded process as the original equipment fuel tank – the quality is not as high. You can read more about how Transfer Flow tanks are made on their website. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars passing California regulations (no easy feat!) so most of their tanks are legal in all 50 states.

If you’d like to learn more about their product line, this is a video I helped produce. I sketched the original storyboard we provided to the professional photography team that was hired, and also provided final editing input:

Yes, their product quality is top of the line. But more important to me, and why I decided to include them in My Picks and as a featured story, is the family of people who work there. When they say it’s a family business, it’s true! Bill Gaines founded the company and his daughters took it over. One daughter has since purchased another company and now runs that, also in the auto industry. When an employee proves to be reliable and trustworthy, they often hire their relatives. They really look out for their people.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: When my Dad passed away, they catered the memorial service. When The Camp Fire burned down the entire community of Paradise, California, the managers drove to Sacramento and towed back enough rented travel trailers for employees who lost their homes to live in – in the company parking lot! – until they could make other plans. They celebrate birthdays, births, and professional achievements. They share profits with their employees.

Girl Campers: Lisa Johnson is the CEO at Transfer Flow and hires the most capable person for any leadership position. Therefore, several leadership roles are filled by women.

I no longer contract with this organization and I’m not an affiliate, but if you want to vote with your dollars and support a quality product made in the U.S.A. – PLUS make your towing life easier, come tour the plant at Transfer Flow and pick out the fuel tank(s) that meet your towing needs (some people install a larger main tank AND install a tank in the bed). Even if you don’t want to purchase a fuel tank right away, touring their factory is an interesting lesson in manufacturing and a celebration of a combination of technology AND talented human beings who still know how to build things.

Just for fun – here’s a time lapse video I made of the manufacturing process:

Learn more: visit the Transfer Flow website:

Article written by: Catherine Goggia

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