You’ll be Delighted with Solar D.Lights!

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When I was young, camping with my family gave me some of the best times of my life. When it came time to buy property and build a house, we found one acre in the woods and built a little cabin because of my goal to have the camping feels most of the time, not just a few days or weeks out of the year.

Be Prepared at Home

It wasn’t long before I started to establish my off-grid system because the power goes out so frequently in the mountains. Of equal motivation is keeping my electric bill low in the summer: by using my off-grid systems, I’ve had months when my bill is only $50.

When we left our cabin to start camping on the coast, we initially used a tent and my off-grid systems transitioned nicely. Now that I have a travel trailer, it’s the same thing; one of my favorite locations doesn’t have hook-ups, so I am set with my off-grid gadgets when boondocking.

D.Light Lanterns give off plenty of light in a cabin, tent, or RV.

I am a fan of D.Lights because they charge quickly – even in indirect light, they give off a nice amount of light, and on low they provide light all night long.

D.Lights combine design and function for quality above others I’ve purchased.

I Have Compared to Other Products

I also have an iBeck solar pack with light and usb charger. The light is incredibly bright and has good lasting power, but the panel needs to be in full sun all day – and best if it’s two days – before it gives me best performance.

Even in indirect light, my D.Light lantern green lights show me they are charging.

I also have an inflatable Luci light. Luci lights are popular. However, that Luci light can’t compete with the lasting power of my D.Light lanterns. Being inflatable, it’s easy to pack and light, but not in the same category as these products.

On the low setting, the D.Light lasts all night long.

Product Evolution

D.Light products have evolved since I purchased my S30 lanterns so many years ago. (You can still purchase the S30s on their website).

The newer lanterns have more power, phone chargers, and larger solar panels.

d.light S500 portable solar lantern and phone charger:

Beam or ambient light + 4 light settings: this will be my next d.light purchase.

d.light T200 portable solar lantern with beam or ambient light:

The other benefit of D.Light products I can vouch for is how sturdy they are. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dropped one of my lanterns and they’ve never cracked or malfunctioned. For me, the space it takes to pack them is totally worth it. When the power is out at the cabin, I use them as my porch light, and also keep them on in my window sill facing the road so people know there is someone here – these lanterns are part of my safety plan.

Light up your life with D.Lights!

Article written by: Catherine Goggia, Northern California Chapter Guide

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