Watch our Camper-In-Chief, Janine Pettit, walk you through her set-up process.

Sample Checklist


  • Dogs: harnesses, leashes, poo bags, food, fence, greenies, blanket
  • Food for us
  • Cameras/Binoculars
  • Folding chairs
  • Cooler
  • Bikes or Kayaks
  • Ladder
  • If you are taking boat: rolling hitch
  • Extra Propane Tank
  • Camp Stove/Lantern, little propane tanks for each
  • Kindling/wood, lighter, cardboard

Before You Leave

  1. Check tire pressure and lug nuts: tow vehicle and trailer
  2. Sway bars on
  3. Safety chains crossed
  4. Tow plug in: check lights
  5. Check propane is closed
  6. If plugged into house: unplug and store cord
  7. Stabilizer jacks up

Setting up at RV Park or Campground

  1. Plug voltage protector in – check polarity at this site
  2. Level trailer side-to-side
  3. Set chocks
  4. Disconnect hitch
  5. Pull Jeep forward
  6. Level trailer front to back, stabilizers down
  7. Plug in electric
  8. Turn on battery switch, slide out
  9. Hook up regulator, filter, water hose
  10. Run water until no air to fill hot water heater
  11. Hot water heater on
  12. Refrigerator on
  13. Propane open (if I’m going to use it)
  14. Sewer hose – hook up next day

Breaking Camp

  1. Check tire pressure and lug nuts: tow vehicle and trailer
  2. Fan closed, windows closed, shades down
  3. Double check faucets off, cabinets securely closed
  4. Drop table, secure
  5. TV back, secure
  6. Refrigerator off
  7. Detach TV cable if on
  8. Hot water heater off
  9. Propane closed, remove gauge
  10. Sweep top of slide out
  11. Dump tanks, back flush black tank, put everything away
  12. Detach Water
  13. Slide in
  14. Turn off battery switch
  15. Detach power, store cord
  16. Double check chocks: stabilizer jack up
  17. Hook up trailer to Jeep, sway bars on
  18. Safety chains crossed
  19. Tow plug in: check lights
  20. Lock trailer door
  21. Step up/handle in
  22. Outdoor compartments/doors locked
  23. Final walk around- double check

Looking for more helpful information? Check out our Camping 101 page.

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