South Dakota

Custer Bark Park

Custer Bark Park

Do you camp with your four legged friend?  I love to with my dogs but I feel bad for them that they often ...
Girl Camper Guide - South Dakota

Girl Camper Guide - South Dakota

Anita Kealey

I am a South Dakota native, middle child of 5, two brothers and two sisters. My camping adventures began in 1965 with our parents, 5 of us in a 14 ft Winnabago heading to the East Coast. My Dad was an educator and with summers off, our conservative vacations were spent in campgrounds. By the time there was 7 of us, I thought we were really uptown with a self-contained 21 ft Pathfinder that took us criss-crossing the US, Mexico & Canada. I loved building fires and fishing, even with my bamboo pole. Naturally Girl Scout camping adventures followed, as extended trips were earned by being a top cookie seller. By high school my adventures were on bicycle camping trips, sleeping under the stars. Before I left home to attend school in NYC, I earned commissions by selling advertising for the Sportsman & camper shows.

Throughout my career in design, project management and marketing, it presented many travel opportunities throughout the US & Europe. I never missed an opportunity to fish for salmon in Alaska, or attempt larger fish in the Florida Keys or the Baja. Kayaking has presented the opportunity in different climates from open waters to large lakes and rivers. While in Alaska, I even jumped at the chance to experience dog sledding.

It is our natural curiosity to explore, as it takes courage to try something new. It is never too late to check something off that “bucket list”. At this year’s Camporee in Custer, I joined several other Girl Campers to experience our first Hot Air Balloon ride.

I sold my historic downtown building after 35 years of ownership and restoration, down-sized from my leadership position in design and planning. And as of this past summer, I retired after 15 years as the Director of the Institute of Design & Technology. I do continue to consult in product developement and marketing.

This past year I decided to take a different route with a 4 x 4 sprinter van that doubles as my office on wheels with the capability to boondock. I now have an e-bike that assists with the uphill climb that used to be effortless when I was younger.

Join me, as we approach each season of life with the courage to explore, dream and discover. You too, can check off the items on your own “bucket list”. Join our activities with other women that are part of this venture called Girl Camper. I hope you will take the time to be open to new adventures, enjoy the fellowship of others, and continue to make new discoveries about yourself in while experiencing your own journey.

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