Is Outdoorsy the Right Option for You?

Girl Camper has partnered with Outdoorsy in the effort to offer more options for women who:

  1. Don’t want to own the upkeep and repairs of an RV, but want to travel in an RV
  2. Are trying to decide what type of RV will best meet their goals before they purchase
  3. Provide a reputable service for our Girl Campers who want to earn extra income by renting their RV

I am interested in the surge of women living and camping in vans. I clicked on the camper van option on the Outdoorsy site, and the rentals nearest me popped up, as well as a map of RV rental locations. There were several options in my Northern California area, but I zoomed out on the map so you could see the larger picture.

Before you rent an RV from Outdoorsy, go to Girl Camper on facebook and ask if there is a current coupon code to use when you rent. If you decide to rent your RV through Outdoorsy, be sure to tell them you are a Girl Camper!

Even though travel is limited in many parts of the country and many campgrounds might be closed, you can still participate in this camping focused event to maintain your camp mindset momentum – we’re going virtual in March with a 2-Day Girl Camper Expo and we encourage you to register today! Girl Camper Chapter Guides and Industry Experts are presenting, and when you purchase your ticket, you have lifetime access to these presentations. This is one example of the types of presentations you will see:

Don’t miss out on two days of presentations to enhance your camping knowledge and fun!

Save your seat at the Girl Camper Virtual Expo in March!

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